September 26, 2018

GÜR and the TAG to work together for the transparency of the digital advertising supply chain

Istanbul & Washington, DC Wednesday 26 September 2018

GÜR - the Turkish platform for Trustworthy Digital Advertising founded by the Advertising Agencies Association, the Advertisers Association and IAB Turkey - has announced a collaboration with TAG to tackle criminal activity in the Turkish digital advertising market.

At the launch meeting in Istanbul, Turkey, on Wednesday 26 September, Ahmet Pura, Chairman of GÜR, emphasized the need to re-balance the industry around the principle of greater transparency and respect for all parties by echoing the World Federation of Advertiser’s (WFA) statements in 2018.

He stated that digital ad-spend growth will be even bigger provided that the supply chain is transparent. In this context he said: “Our collaboration with TAG is a very important step because we have concerns about transparency, viewability, brand safety, ad fraud, data access and third parties measurement systems. All these are critical to invest with confidence.”

Nick Stringer, Vice President of Global Engagement and Operations at TAG, said: “TAG is delighted to partner with GÜR, who have shown strong leadership in taking this step. It represents further progress towards a more transparent and criminal free digital advertising market across the world. The collaboration will benefit both Turkish companies as well as foreign ones operating in the Turkish market.”

About GÜR

GÜR - the Turkish platform for Trustworthy Digital Advertising - was founded by the Advertisers Association, the Advertising Agencies Association and IAB Turkey to support the transparency of the digital advertising supply chain. In this context the priority is ad fraud and brand safety -

About TAG

TAG is the leading global certification programm fighting criminal activity and increasing trust in the digital advertising industry. Created by the US digital advertising industry’s leading trade organizations, TAG’s mission is to eliminate fraudulent traffic, combat malware, prevent internet piracy, and promote greater transparency in digital advertising. TAG advances those initiatives by bringing companies across the digital advertising supply chain together to set the highest standards. TAG is the first and only registered Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (ISAO) for the digital advertising industry –

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