TAG working groups develop and maintain the certification standards for each of TAG’s certification programs, as well as the fraud, threat-sharing, and brand safety tools companies need to fight crime and increase transparency effectively.

Bringing together thought leaders from across the industry, these working groups ensure that TAG stays on the cutting edge of digital advertising best practice – and ahead of criminal enterprises.

Within the Working Groups, members discuss and collaborate on emerging threats, technologies, procedures, and more, with the goal of evolving and enhancing TAG's certification requirements. Working Groups allow members to have a voice-at-the-table and help drive forward the issues they are passionate about and help shape future standards for the industry.


The Anti-Fraud Working Group works to combat the negative impact of fraudulent bot-generated, non-human traffic by working with TAG to develop and enhance anti-fraud standards, protocols and tools for all types of entities in the supply chain.

John Alleva
SVP, Planning & Monetization

Sargi Mann
EVP of Digital Strategy

Scott Spencer
VP Product Management – Privacy and User Trust

For more information, or to join the Anti-Fraud Working Group, email antifraud@tagtoday.net.


The Anti-Malware Working Group coordinates industry-wide efforts to improve defense against malvertising attacks to create a safer, more enjoyable experience for consumers and a more trustworthy system for advertisers.

Chris Hallenbeck
Senior Director, Marketplace Quality

For more information, or to join the Anti-Malware Working Group, email at info@tagtoday.net.

Brand Safety

In order to enable companies to promote a brand safe environment, the TAG Brand Safety Working Group maintains the Brand Safety Certified Guidelines, which promote the flow of advertising budgets to participants in digital advertising upholding an industry regulated framework for brand safety and anti-piracy.

Stevan Randjelovic
Director Brand Safety and Digital Risk EMEA

David Green
Vice President, Public Policy

For more information, or to join the Brand Safety Working Group, email at info@tagtoday.net.

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