With the continual rise and constant innovation within digital advertising, transparency has become an increasingly important hygiene factor for all media buyers and planners. Marketers are more conscious than ever of working with partners who will not only deliver results but ensure the brand’s message is safeguarded from any malicious activity within the ecosystem. The lack of transparency in digital advertising creates a myriad of issues including fraudulent activity, malicious attacks, piracy, brand safety, etc. 

Nearly half of all brands (49%) said they can’t trust a fifth or more of the data upon which they base media buying decisions.
Marketers want to super charge their ad spend power with transparent data

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Announced in November 2022, the mission of the TAG Certified for Transparency program is to give trusted businesses, industry-wide recognition in their efforts for achieving high levels of transparency and accountability across their operations. Through increased campaign visibility, brands, advertisers and their media agencies now have a tangible way to better select and manage their partners. TAG Certified for Transparency Program promotes the flow of media spend to digital advertising organisations that uphold an industry-regulated framework for transparency. By harmonizing campaign log-file data across the entire supply chain and establishing an always-on ‘shared-truth’, the certificate provides choice and control for buyers and increases the value of inventory for sellers.


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Certified For Transparency Guidelines

Transparency Working Group


The Transparency Working Group aims to increase ad spend efficiency by helping marketers increase campaign transparency with their trusted partners.

The working group not only reviews and updates industry best practices but they give advertisers a pathway to achieve transparency in real-time. 

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TAG TrustNet applies distributed ledger technology (DLT) to real-world challenges faced by the TAG Community – and the digital advertising industry as a whole. Powered by technology partner Fiducia, TAG TrustNet builds trust and transparency over an always-on platform reconciling data for each single ad running across the supply chain in near real-time. The reconciled data, or “shared truth”, is recorded in a secure ledger and can only be accessed by authorized parties. It allows to improve the accountability of all stakeholders, including the verification of TAG certifications, and strengthens the industry’s fight against ad fraud and other brand safety concerns.


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The first step of becoming a TAG Member is to achieve the Verified by TAG seal. All prospective companies looking to join the TAG Community must go through our proprietary background check. This process confirms the legitimacy of the organization.


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TAG Registry

If you’re on the hunt for trusted and transparent partners, then look no further. The TAG Registry is THE database to use if you want to find TAG Certified Partners. The database keeps an up-to-date record of the global TAG Community.

Members are added to the TAG Registry if they’ve achieved the Verified by TAG Seal.


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