Welcome to the Member Spotlight! 

This is a TAG series where we talk to TAG Members and:

  • explore the different channels within digital advertising,
  • take a look at regional differences in digital advertising,
  • discuss their TAG achievements, 
  • share any advice, hints and tips on how best to leverage TAG's resources,
  • and more!

Episode 6: Phil Schraeder - GumGum

GumGum's CEO, Phil Schraeder joins Jules on this week's Member Spotlight to talk about contextual targeting, brand safety and suitability in the context of this channel, importance of the TAG Community and Britney Spears... 💥


Episode 5: Cynthia Ramos - Activision Blizzard Media

This week in the Member Spotlight chair is ABM's Cynthia Ramos! Cynthia and V talk about gaming advertising, the expanse of the mobile gaming market, newer pitfalls advertisers should be aware of when it comes to in-game advertising, the importance of brand safety measures in a new channel like gaming advertising and more!

MemberSpotlight_ABM-min (1)

Episode 4: Karim Rayes - Nexxen

Nexxen's Karim Rayes has a chat with V's about potential threats in emerging channels, the different types of brand safety questions Nexxen receives from clients and which channels those questions are mainly targeted at. Karim also talks through Nexxen's vision on ensuring brand safety isn't compromised as the business expands. 


Episode 3: Sara Vincent - Index Exchange

Index Exchange's MD UK & IE, Sara Vincent joins Jules Kendrick's virtual room where they talk progression of transparency, why Index Exchange are TAG Leadership Council Members and the importance of having their global operations certified and not just at a local level. 


MemberSpotlight_IndexExchange-min (1)

Episode 2: Christine Foster - Kroger Precision Marketing

Kroger Precision Marketing's VP Media Ops, Christine Foster talks V through how everything KPM does in digital marketing is centered around the consumer and protecting the trust Kroger has built with their consumers. 



Episode 1: Erika Foster - Magna/IPG Mediabrands

In this episode, Magna's Erika Foster and TAG's Vanessa Goff-Yu talk about what brand and marketers' tend to look for in brand safety parameters for their campaigns, regional differences (specifically in EMEA) on brand safety needs and more!