TAG’s certification programs and threat-sharing tools provide the digital advertising industry with important paths to ensure that companies are doing their part to stop criminal activity and increase trust and transparency across the digital advertising.

If you have a concern that a company isn’t complying with a TAG standard, or a take-down request related to a TAG threat-sharing tool, Team TAG wants to know.

Allegations of Non-Compliance & Appeal

Companies that achieve a certification seal associated with a TAG certification program must meet the requirements of the applicable guidelines associated with that program. Failure to comply with those guidelines can result in consequences, including but not limited to the loss of the applicable certification and seal. Certified Companies are permitted to review allegations of non-compliance, submit rebuttal evidence, seek review of decisions of noncompliance and appeal any final decision. You can learn more about this process in the TAG Due Process for Allegations of Non-Compliance & Appeal

If you have a complaint regarding non-compliance with a TAG certification, please email info@tagtoday.net. Please include written documentation demonstrating the relevant incident(s) of non-compliance.


Pirate Mobile App List (PMAL) Complaints

Any app developer who believes that its app does not meet the standard for inclusion in the Pirate Mobile App List (PMAL) may submit a complaint for review by emailing antipiracy@tagtoday.net. Please include written documentation demonstrating that the designated app is in fact included in the applicable App Store(s).

If an app developer seeks to challenge whether a particular App Store should have removed its app, such challenges should be addressed with the App Store directly, pursuant to the rules established by the App Store. TAG will amend the PMAL upon proof of a change in decision by an App Store concerning the app’s removal.

Data Center IP List (DCIP) Complaints

Any IP owner or leasee who believes that its IP address is not associated with non-human traffic coming from a data center where human traffic is not expected to originate, and whose IP address is confirmed to be listed in the published Data Center IP List, may submit a complaint for review by emailing antifraud@tagtoday.net.

Upon confirmation, TAG will contact the Qualified Data Contributors that review potential additions to the DCIP List, in keeping with the standard process for sharing insights from Qualified IP Data Contributors. TAG will also amend the DCIP List to temporarily remove the IP address(es) in question, pending the outcome of the inquiry.

Intellectual Property (IP) Infringement Complaints

If you believe that a TAG Member company is involved in Intellectual Property (IP) infringement, you may submit a complaint by emailing IPcomplaints@tagtoday.net. Please include written documentation demonstrating the relevant incident(s) of IP infringement.

Anti-Piracy Business Standards and Due Process Guidelines

If you believe that a TAG Member company are not following the guidelines of the Anti-Piracy Business Standards and Due Process Guidelines, you can submit your enquiry to info@tagotday.net. Please include any written documentation and evidence with your enquiry.