April 5, 2023

MartechCube: Proven Ad Industry Anti-Piracy Initiative Expands in Latin America

March 27, 2023


The Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG), an advertising industry organization that fights criminal activity in the digital advertising supply chain, has joined forces with Alianza, a leading anti-piracy alliance of content creators, and White Bullet Solutions to expand the successful Project Brand Integrity (PBI) initiative against ad-supported piracy into Latin America.

PBI was created in 2019 to protect brands from association with illegal stolen content by alerting advertisers or their agencies when their ads ran on pirate sites that infringe intellectual property (IP) across Europe. In 2022, following contact and engagement by TAG, the average advertiser reduced its monthly advertising spend on pirate websites by 89%, and 86% of contacted advertisers reduced their ad impressions on pirate sites in Europe.

Through this expansion, PBI will help advertisers and their agencies in Latin America avoid brand risk and damage by association with illegal pirate websites:


  • White Bullet will scan the top sites that infringe Alianza’s member’s IP in Latin American markets, identifying any ads from reputable brands appearing on such sites.
  • When a brand has notable ad exposure on infringing sites, White Bullet will notify TAG and provide an evidence package, including screenshots and the advertising code.
  • TAG will privately contact the advertiser and/or its advertising agency and alert them to the ad misplacements, so they can take remedial action.
  • TAG and Alianza also will educate advertisers/agencies about effective anti-piracy tools to reduce or eliminate future risks, including those in TAG’s Brand Safety Certified Program.

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