March 28, 2023

ExchangeWire: Disney Pulls Plug on the Metaverse: AOP Calls out Publisher Data Misuse

March 28, 2023


AOP and TAG update publisher data standard.

The Association of Online Publishers (AOP) and Trustworthy and Accountability Group (TAG) have announced a revision of the Brand Safety Certification to provide clearer standards around the use of publisher data. In an open letter published yesterday (27th March) and signed by AOP managing director Richard Reeves, the industry body outlines how the updates distinguish between the legitimate and illegitimate use of publishers’ data.

The collaboration between the two bodies marks an effort to clampdown on technology vendors using publishers’ properties to build contextual audiences without seeking permission to do so. According to the letter, this activity is intellectual property (IP) theft, and harms publishers’ capacity to produce quality content and to accrue revenue.

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