June 21, 2023

Axios: Tech executives call for collaboration on responsible AI framework

Responsible use of artificial intelligence that curbs misinformation rather than creates more of it will require collaboration among the tech platforms, advertisers and others in the online ecosystem.

Driving the news: More than a dozen executives expressed that desire Tuesday at a brunch in Cannes, hosted by brand safety tech company Zefr.

Why it matters: As more money funnels into AI startups, existing players are discussing how to develop a responsible framework for this tech.

What they're saying: "When we all come together and work toward the single common goal is when we're achieving success," said Samantha Stetson, Meta's vice president, client council and industry trade relations. "Each company individually ... going out and trying to address this, we're not going to get it."

  • "We're hopeful that good AI can help beat bad AI," said Jennifer Helm, head of advertising stakeholder development at Meta. "I think that we should find some comfort in that. When it comes to political content, it is about keeping up with new trends. I think we're gonna have to develop and learn along with the rest of the industry."
  • "What I'm encouraged by is the activity of ... the companies. It always starts with the larger companies leaning in," Trustworthy Accountability Group CEO Mike Zaneis said. "It doesn't take 100 industry leaders to move the market. It takes a couple of key advertisers."
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