October 1, 2021

TAG Today - September 2021



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New APAC Fraud Snapshot Shows IVT Even Lower in TAG Certified Channels

Earlier this month, TAG released its second annual snapshot of ad fraud across major Asia-Pacific markets, showing the continuation of very low Invalid Traffic (IVT) across TAG Certified Channels in the region.

Conducted by The 614 Group, the analysis found a 0.41% rate for invalid traffic (IVT) when advertisers used TAG Certified distribution channels in which multiple companies have achieved the TAG Certified Against Fraud Seal, a further drop from the already low 0.82% rate for IVT in the prior year.

“There is no magic bullet in the war on ad fraud, but setting high standards for participants across the supply chain has been proven to keep fraud rates predictable, manageable, and low,” said Nick Stringer, VP Global Engagement and Operations. “When advertisers, agencies, and their partners require TAG certification from their counterparties, it closes the gaps that criminals use to commit fraud and ensures that advertising spend goes where it is intended.”

The 614 Group study compared invalid traffic (IVT) rates in TAG Certified Channels against industry norms by measuring more than 99.7 billion ad impressions from January to December 2020 from three of the largest advertising agency holding companies across Australia, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Myanmar, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.


There’s a proverb about carpentry that you should measure twice and cut once to be successful,” said Rob Rasko, CEO of The 614 Group. “The same principle applies in fighting ad fraud. Only by continuing to measure the scope of the problem and the effectiveness of industry solutions over time can we increase awareness of ad fraud in the market and ensure we cut most of it out of our ecosystem.”

The full 2021 APAC fraud snapshot can be found here


You can watch Nick Stringer, TAG’s Vice President of Global Engagement and Operations, discussing the TAG APAC Fraud Snapshot at DMEXCO here.



From “Inaccurate and Misleading Content Examined in New MediaBrands’ Report” in Branding in Asia:

IPG Mediabrands has released a new study that examines the accelerating amount of inaccurate and misleading content appearing across online news outlets and social media platforms. The Dis/Misinformation Challenge for Marketers reveals the dramatic rise in both disinformation and misinformation; which social media outlets are making strides to eliminate misleading content, and those that are not; and what brands can do to ensure a more brand-safe environment. …

In the U.K., 85% of consumers told researchers in a study by the Trustworthy Accountability Group and Brand Safety Institute they would reduce or stop buying brands that advertised near COVID-19 misinformation.

From “Anzu Taps Human Security’s Anti-Fraud Protection for In-Game Ads” in VentureBeat

At this stage, invalid traffic (IVT) is less likely within in-game advertising environments than other ad channels, and this new partnership will help safeguard the space to keep it that way. …

Recently, Anzu earned three industry certifications: the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) Brand Safety Certified Seal, the TAG Certified Against Fraud Seal, and the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) UK Gold Standard Certification 2.0. Together in partnership with Human, these certifications demonstrate Anzu’s ongoing commitment to promoting a safe, secure, and fraud-free ecosystem that benefits the entire advertising chain, the company said.

From “Six Time-Saving Resources Every Media Buyer Should Know” by the Alliance for Audited Media in The Drum

#6 - The TAG Registry

The Trustworthy Accountability Group brings together organizations from across the supply chain to set standards that promote greater transparency in digital advertising. The TAG Registry brands, agencies, publishers and tech providers that are members of the organization and committed to increasing trust in digital advertising. 

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