A Threat by Any Other Name: Threat-Sharing in the Fight Against Fraud

Everyone knows that filtering out fraud is vital to keeping ad spend safe. But did you know that the TAG Community is leading the way in turning the tide against fraudsters – going beyond filtering to finding and stopping the criminals behind that fraud? Team TAG and a panel of anti-fraud experts outline how industry threat-sharing helped find the fraudsters responsible for a massive ad fraud botnet.

This next-generation ad fraud botnet is estimated to have stolen over $100 million in in-app ad spend from players across the digital ad industry over the past year. By tricking advertisers into targeting non-existing audiences, the botnet eroded both ROI and trust in the impersonated publishers. Experts from White Ops, Oracle and Protected Media shared insights into efforts to track and takedown the botnet, and how we can best collaborate as an industry to prevent threats of this scale in the future.