TAG Anti-Malware Working Group


Malware delivered through the advertising ecosystem degrades overall trust in the system by generating a poor consumer experience. Additionally, malware infected machines attack the advertising ecosystem in order to generate money for fraudsters. Because each participant in the ecosystem has visibility into only their subset of the problem, preventing the delivery of malware overall is challenging, resulting in continued attacks on consumers through the various uncoordinated parts of the system.

Establishing a method for coordinating the industry in its defense against malware peddlers is a priority for TAG. By defining a process for sharing information about malware in a manner that is trustworthy, legal, and consumer friendly, TAG can help the industry with a foundation to build a common and effective response to these attackers, thereby safeguarding the consumer from malware.



Chris Hallenbeck, OpenX, Co-Chair
Bonnie Niederstrasser, TAG Primary Liaison

Current Work

TAG’s Anti-Malware Working Group seeks to define a process for sharing information about malware through a “hub” in a manner that is responsible, legal and consumer friendly. We are also focused on developing security principles to help companies detect malware attacks on their sites, partnering with law enforcement to support investigations and prosecution of criminal activity, and educating consumers.


Meeting Schedule

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To Join

To join TAG’s Anti-Malware Working Group, please review the TAG Intellectual Property Rights and Anti-Trust Policies and sign the Acknowledgment form before sending it via email info@tagtoday.net. You will receive an email confirming your participation.