TAG Anti-Piracy Pledge


TAG Anti-Piracy Pledge
For Advertisers and Ad Agencies

In order to take the Anti-Piracy Pledge, simply review the text below and email Juliette at juliette@tagtoday.net indicating your company’s intention to take the Pledge.  We will then add you to the list of companies that have taken the Pledge.

The undersigned advertiser and/or agency pledges to take commercially reasonable steps to minimize the inadvertent placement of digital advertising on websites or other media properties that have an undesired risk of being associated with the unauthorized dissemination of materials protected by the copyright laws and/or illegal dissemination of counterfeit goods.

We will fulfill this pledge in a manner consistent with the “Core Criteria for Effective Digital Advertising Assurance” of the Trustworthy Accountability Group’s (TAG) Brand Integrity Program Against Piracy, which may include: (i) directly employing the services of validated Digital Advertising Assurance Providers; (ii) directly employing advertising placement services that carry the TAG logo “Certified Against Piracy”; and/or (iii) placing online advertisements through Advertising Agencies that do business exclusively with advertising placement services that carry the TAG logo “Certified Against Piracy.”

We recognize that, despite these efforts, some digital advertising may nonetheless appear on such websites or other digital properties. In undertaking this pledge, we do not create legal liability for any such inadvertent advertising.

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