TAG_071_StateOfTheFight_RNTTAG-minRachel Nyswander Thomas
Chief Operating Officer, TAG

Rachel has spent her career studying, creating, and implementing digital policy in the business, non-profit, and academic sectors. Currently as TAG's COO, she oversees TAG’s work in setting industry standards, facilitating the sharing of threat intelligence, and promoting brand safety, as well as its business operations. She serves concurrently as Chairwoman of the Brand Safety Institute’s Board of Advisors and as an Executive in Residence at Progress Partners.

Prior to joining TAG, she served as VP, Advocacy & Accountability at the Data & Marketing Association (DMA), advocating before Congress and federal agencies on behalf of thousands of business and nonprofit organizations. She also served as Executive Director of the Data-Driven Marketing Institute, facilitating academic research on how the use of consumer data shapes industry, society, and the economy. Before joining DMA, Rachel led data privacy compliance for The McGraw-Hill Companies.

13:25 - The Inconvenient Truth: How Fraud, Piracy and Malvertising Collide
13:45 - Call to Action