TAG Inventory Quality Guidelines (IQG) Compliant Companies

rgb TAG IQG Certified.png

These companies voluntarily agree to be certified against IQG guidelines, providing greater brand safety assurances that ads will not appear next to content that they decide is inappropriate. For more information on the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) Inventory Quality Guidelines, which were created by the IAB as the Quality Assurance Guidelines and subsequently transferred to TAG, click here.

Certification can be obtained at two different tiers: self-certification and independent validation certification. A company has the option to choose one tier or the other. The selected method is recorded and displayed on the TAG website below and a different logo is issued to those obtaining the independent validation certification to indicate their higher level of certification.

The following companies are certified under the TAG Inventory Quality Guidelines 2.0 Initiative:

Tier One
AppNexus – Audited by BPA Worldwide
GumGum – Audited by BPA Worldwide
LKQD - Audited by BPA Worldwide
Open X
 – Audited by BPA Worldwide
Publishers Clearing House – Audited by BPA Worldwide
sovrn – Audited by BPA Worldwide
Unruly – Audited by BPA Worldwide

Tier Two
Epsilon Conversant Media
Goodway Group
Index Exchange
Rocket Fuel
Vibrant Media
Ziff Davis