Best Practices for Partnering with Law Enforcement


The lethal combination of ad fraud, malware and piracy has cost the media industry billions of dollars in lost revenue. However, in recent years, advertisers, brands, vendors, ad tech platforms and organisations like TAG have been working together to fight back hard against this costly crime. 

This concerted effort by the industry has lead to many successes. Some highlights include the takedown of powerful botnets like MethBot and Hydra, as well a gigantic 90%+ reduction in ad fraud in TAG certified distribution channels compared to industry standards (90% for the US, and 94% for Europe).

But we’re not done yet. 

As our media strategies are expanding fast and getting smarter, so are the nature of digital crimes. This is why the need to work more collaboratively across the industry has never been more important. 

These amazing results the industry has achieved haven’t gone unnoticed either. Law enforcement departments in various local and international governments are talking to TAG to understand what more can be done to support the efforts in combating cybercrime.

With this in mind, in 2021, TAG partnered with the US Department of Justice in producing the ‘Best Practices in Partnering with Law Enforcement’ white paper. The white paper details the ways the digital advertising industry could work with the different law enforcement agencies to take down more digital criminal activity at scale.


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