Half a Decade of Below 1% IVT Rate in European Markets Thanks to Tougher Anti-Fraud Standards

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In 2023, Europe celebrated five consecutive years of below 1% invalid traffic IVT rate in TAG Certified Channels (TCC). For half a decade, Europe's IVT rate stayed within the narrow margin of 0.53% and 0.69%. 

In addition to the quantitative results, the study also conducted in-depth qualitative interviews with senior executives from the participating agencies and other ad tech companies. From those interviews, several themes emerged:

  1. Advertisers in Europe are cost-conscious but willing to pay for high-quality, low-IVT impressions. Amid uncertain global economic prospects and ongoing risk of recession, agencies and their clients are increasingly cost-conscious, but they continue to value and are willing to pay a premium for high-quality, low-IVT inventory.
  2. European advertisers are increasingly interested in global certifications that provide validation of low IVT rates. While recognition of global certifications is lower in some European markets, regional advertisers are showing increasing interest in certifications that help them identify and purchase low IVT inventory. 
  3. Advertisers’ priorities are extending beyond low IVT to encompass safe, transparent, and responsible inventory. Holding IVT rates down is still one of the top priorities for agencies, but they also want to address related supply chain challenges like Made-For-Advertising (MFA) sites, diversity issues and privacy concerns.


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