German Report-2

In conjunction with The 614 Group, TAG issues an annual Fraud Benchmark Report to measure the effectiveness of working with TAG Certified partners in fighting fraud. Past research demonstrates that such actions remove up to 94% of fraud versus industry averages.

As part of our ongoing research, TAG has analyzed over 4 billion impressions in the German marketplace during the first half of 2019, of which 2 billion flowed through TAG Certified Channels.

Below is a snapshot view of how the TAG program is performing in this region:

TAG Certified Channels have less than 1 percent fraud in Germany

The data received from partners by The 614 Group indicated that the IVT rate on media within TAG Certified Channels, across all measured media types (Desktop, Mobile and Video) was 0.66%, versus 2.37% as reported by MRC accredited vendor Oracle Data Cloud’s Moat Analytics1. Additionally, TAG Certified Channels measured a 2.05% IVT rate in Desktop Display versus 14.21% by Moat Analytics. This was a reduction of 86%

TAG Certified Channels Have Under One Percent Ad Fraud in Germany

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