About the TAG “Certified Against Fraud” Program


Certified Against Fraud logoCombating the Negative Impact of Fraudulent Traffic

Fight Fraud Effectively

Advertisers expect their content will be viewed by human beings with the potential to buy their products and services. However, the 2016 ANA/White Ops Bot Fraud study estimated that advertisers lose $7.2 billion per year globally to bot-generated, non-human traffic. Criminal organizations have attacked the digital ad ecosystem with malware that generates non-human traffic and defrauds legitimate participants in the supply chain.  As a result, advertisers end up paying a material portion of their campaign dollars to criminals who generate ad impressions that are never seen by humans.

Tools to Succeed

The Certified Against Fraud provides companies with Certified Against Fraud Guidelines, as well as a suite of anti-fraud tools to aid in compliance:

  • The Payment ID Protocol enables companies to ensure that payments made in the digital ad ecosystem are going to legitimate companies.
  • The Data Center IP List is a database of data centers from which fraudulent non-human ad traffic originates.
  • The Publisher Sourcing Disclosure Requirements (PSDR) foster trust in the marketplace by disclosing the amount of sourced traffic for a given publisher.

The “Certified Against Fraud” Seal

The Certified Against Fraud Program is open to participation by buyers, direct sellers and intermediaries across the digital advertising ecosystem.  Requirements to achieve the TAG “Certified Against Fraud” Seal differ according to a company’s role in the supply chain.  These requirements are outlined in details in the Certified Against Fraud Guidelines.

Companies that are shown to abide by the Certified Against Fraud Guidelines receive the “Certified Against Fraud” Seal and can use the seal to publicly communicate their commitment to combatting fraudulent non-human traffic in the digital advertising supply chain.

Any company that has been “TAG Registered” can apply to participate in the Certified Against Fraud Program.

Ready to Get Started?

Reach out to TAG at info@tagtoday.net to start on the path to being “Certified Against Fraud” today.