TAG Certified Against Malware Guidelines


Version 3.0
Released July 2019

(Enforcement beginning January 2020)

What’s New in Version 3.0 of the Certified Against Malware Guidelines?

Version 3.0 of the Certified Against Malware Guidelines, includes an update to existing requirements and a brand new requirement as follows:

  • Provisions for documenting malware scanning responsibilities in legal agreements have been codified into requirements. Additionally, two new requirements were added:

    • Direct Sellers must validate that their partners are scanning for malware by documenting what vendors they use.

    • Intermediaries must have the capability to scan and shut off malicious demand sources upon request from sell-side partners.

  • All covered parties will now be required to employ Seat ID attributes based on OpenRTB specifications as follows:

    • Direct Buyers, Direct Sellers and Intermediaries must ensure that all programmatic buying disclosures fully comply with OpenRTB specifications v.2.2 or higher and include the SeatBid object and Seat (ID) attribute information when making and honoring bid responses.

    • Direct Sellers and Intermediaries must build or set up the capability to turn off Seat IDs or a company’s direct partner to whom the Seat ID belongs, should a Red Flag event occur.

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