TAG Certified Against Fraud Guidelines


Version 4.0
Released January 2019

(Enforcement beginning July 2019)

What’s New in Version 4.0 of the Certified Against Fraud Guidelines?

Version 4.0 of the Certified Against Fraud Guidelines includes two major updates to existing requirements as follows:

  • Independent Validation are now required to certify European or Global operations beginning July 2019. These companies are required to invite an independent auditor to review and validate their compliance with the CAF Guidelines. This impacts companies certifying their operations in:

    • One or more countr(ies) in Europe;

    • The geographic region of Europe; or

    • Global operations.

  • The existing Ads.txt requirement for publishers have expanded to include advertisers, agencies and adtech companies.  All participating companies are required to implement and/or honor ads.txt files as follows:

    • Direct Sellers are required to create a public record of their Authorized Sellers and Resellers by publishing an ads.txt file. 

    • Advertisers, agencies and adtech companies(i.e. Direct Buyers and Intermediaries) are required to honor published ads.txt files, buying only from Authorized Sellers and Resellers identified within published ads.txt files. 

View or Download the TAG Certified Against Fraud Guidelines v4.0 (PDF)