Apply for TAG “Certified Against Fraud” Seal


Fight Fraud Effectively

TAG launched the Certified Against Fraud Program to aid companies in combatting the negative impact of fraudulent traffic. The voluntary program includes Certified Against Fraud Guidelines, as well as a suite of compliance tools, for all types of entities in the digital advertising supply chain.

Becoming “Certified Against Fraud”

The Certified Against Fraud Program is open to participation by buyers, direct sellers and intermediaries across the digital advertising ecosystem. Requirements to achieve the TAG “Certified Against Fraud” Seal differ according to a company’s role in the supply chain.  These requirements are outlined in details in the Certified Against Fraud Guidelines.

Companies that are shown to abide by the Certified Against Fraud Guidelines receive the “Certified Against Fraud” Seal and can use the seal to publicly communicate their commitment to combatting fraudulent non-human traffic in the digital advertising supply chain.

Any company that has been approved as “TAG Registered” can apply to participate in the Certified Against Fraud Program.

Paths to Certification

The “Certified Against Fraud” Seal can be achieved at two different tiers: self-certification and independent validation certification. A company has the option to choose one tier or the other. The selected method is recorded and displayed on the TAG website. Self-certification is obtained with a self-attestation that the company is adhering to the Certified Against Fraud Guidelines. Independent validation certification is obtained by inviting an independent vendor to validate that a company is adhering to these guidelines. The process is parallel for both except that in an independent validation, the validating company submits additional required attestation paperwork and reports. 

Ready to Get Started?

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