Quality Assurance Guidelines

TAG’s Quality Assurance Guidelines (QAG), originally developed by IAB and subsequently transferred to TAG, represent a strong foundation on which to build. The QAG program promotes the flow of advertising budgets into digital advertising with industry regulation that offers a framework for brand safety.

The mission of the QAG program is to reduce friction and foster an environment of trust in the marketplace by providing clear, common language that describes characteristics of advertising inventory and transactions across the advertising value chain.

The goals of the QAG program are to:

  • Support the information needs of advertising buyers;
  • Define a common framework of disclosures that sellers can use across the industry;
  • Offer clear language in the QAG disclosure framework that enables buyers to make informed decisions; and
  • Review compliance among QAG-certified companies and facilitate the resolution of disputes and complaints.


The resources below offer more information about the QAG program: